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I wholeheartedly welcome you on the website of the Migration Research Institute co-founded by the Századvég School of Politics Foundation and the Matthias Corvinus Collegium. Migration, as a social phenomenon, is as old as history. Looking round the globe, we see that certain countries struggle with emigration causing fundamental change of their society, while others face immigration with the same significant effect.

In this equation, the European continent has a special role. While in the preceding centuries Europe was rather famous of emigration and of how it conquered other continents, in the most recent period, direction of migration shows a definite and fairly spectacular reversal. Moreover, creation of the European Union was accompanied by the new phenomena of free movement of people within the Union, in line with the spread of modern means of communication and transportation approximating countries of the world and to each other.

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EU divisions over Libya appear fatal

Our researcher, Márk Vargha said on Karc Fm Radio that the launch of Operation Irini required the votes of all EU member states in…

EU Divisions Over Libya Appear Fatal

NGO vessels are active again between Libya and Italy

There may be millions around Europe who would like to get into EU illegally, in Libya alone there are 600.000 migrants who are…

NGO Vessels Are Active Again Between Libya And Italy

Crisis situation in Algeria

Due to the protracted economic and political crisis, almost half of the Algerian youth want to emigrate to Europe. Most arrivals in…

Crisis Situation In Algeria

In Sweden, the nursing homes and the immigrant districts account for majority of the coronavirus fatalities

Sweden’s coronavirus strategy which is based on open society has brought the country’s social problems to the surface: hotspots have emerged in…

In Sweden, The Nursing Homes And The Immigrant Districts Account For Majority Of The Coronavirus Fatalities

Hot autumn is expected by the parties which are to conclude a free trade agreement due to the Brexit

The British say the time left until 31 December 2020 will be enough, while in EU's opinion it will not be enough…

Hot Autumn Is Expected By The Parties Which Are To Conclude A Free Trade Agreement Due To The Brexit