The Soft Hand of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe

The Soft Hand of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe


The usual suspect of Islamic movements is Salafism and its jihadist offshoots. The obvious threat posed by this movement is addressed by the media as well as by decisionmakers. However, while Salafism threatens European democracies and values both socially and politically, it is not the only political force to reckon with. Other political and ideological non-violent movements – Sunni and Shiʻi equally – display agendas and actions that endanger European societies. Moreover, from an Islamist point of view, such non-violent movements are more effective than the radical Islamist movements in that they use legal ways such as political communication, transnational diplomatic support, finance, NGOs, media and law to have more impact on Islam and societies in Europe. Suffice it to say that the so-called Islamisation is chiefly carried out by these moderate Islamist movements, championed by the Muslim Brotherhood.

This paper analyses the fields of their influence in economy, law and politics in Europe. Afterwards, we will outline the current status of the Muslim Brotherhood in France and Germany.

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Photo: Bianka Speidl