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Welcome to the website of the Migration Research Institute (MRI) which was founded by the Mathias Corvinus Collegium Foundation and the Századvég Foundation.

Migration is one of the biggest challenges of our time both in the developed and in the developing world. We experience that globalization has brought to the surface at least as many problems as it has solved. The long-term consequences of mass immigration are reshaping complete societies and affecting the fate of millions. For this reason, it is of key importance to get as clear a picture as possible of this phenomenon. We believe that the scientific community has a crutial role in mapping the drivers and social impacts of migration. Our institute was established in the autumn of 2015 with the undisguised purpose of researching and explaining immigration to Europe in a scientific and understandable way to an audience interested in the topic, however lacking academic background.

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Migration pressure in Europe may increase as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the welfare gap between Europe and the migrant-sending regions will deepen, which would mean an…

Migration Pressure In Europe May Increase As A Consequence Of The COVID-19 Pandemic

Non-western immigrants of Scandinavia have a higher incidence of coronavirus disease

Non-western immigrants of Scandinavia have a higher incidence of coronavirus disease than their ratio in the local population. This phenomenon can be partly explained by…

Non-western Immigrants Of Scandinavia Have A Higher Incidence Of Coronavirus Disease

The coronavirus and Afghanistan

The coronavirus epidemic has worsened the situation in Afghanistan, the unemployment was very high even before the outbreak due to the long-running…

The Coronavirus And Afghanistan

The Swedish strategy ignored differences between the Swedish majority society and the immigrant communities

Emese Kovács, our researcher evaluated the Swedish open society approach to coronavirus epidemic on Kossuth Radio in the programme Good morning Hungary!…

The Swedish Strategy Ignored Differences Between The Swedish Majority Society And The Immigrant Communities

Terrorism 3.0 — Current Security Challenges and Prospects (Registration)

Although The Islamic State in Syria and Iraq suffered serious setbacks in the last year, it does not mean that the fight…

Terrorism 3.0 — Current Security Challenges And Prospects (Registration)