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I wholeheartedly welcome you on the website of the Migration Research Institute co-founded by the Századvég School of Politics Foundation and the Matthias Corvinus Collegium. Migration, as a social phenomenon, is as old as history. Looking round the globe, we see that certain countries struggle with emigration causing fundamental change of their society, while others face immigration with the same significant effect.

In this equation, the European continent has a special role. While in the preceding centuries Europe was rather famous of emigration and of how it conquered other continents, in the most recent period, direction of migration shows a definite and fairly spectacular reversal. Moreover, creation of the European Union was accompanied by the new phenomena of free movement of people within the Union, in line with the spread of modern means of communication and transportation approximating countries of the world and to each other.

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In Bosnia the situation is getting worse

According to the latest data thousands of people arrived to Bosnia in two weeks, the authorities strengthened border protection - in vain.…

In Bosnia The Situation Is Getting Worse

The Future of Europe

The conference entitled “The Future of Europe” is an outstanding cultural and scientific event of the V4 Hungarian Presidency - 2017/18. It…

The Future Of Europe

One week childhood for Syrian children

A Greek Chatolic priest, Naim Gharbi is organizing a summer camp in a safe zone of Syria, for about one thousand children and…

One Week Childhood For Syrian Children

War situtation would not generate further waves of mass migration from Syria

Péter Kövecsi-Oláh, researcher of the Migration Research Institute said on TV that a war situtation would not generate further waves of mass migration from…

War Situtation Would Not Generate Further Waves Of Mass Migration From Syria

Cross-in-Fire in New York

Membership in a denomination or a religious group can evoke persecution and victimization, even today. The situation is especially desperate in the Middle East, the…

Cross-in-Fire In New York